Software-as-a-Service website solution
for B2B distributors

The DistiSuite team comes from years of experience in custom software engineering for the web. After working with several companies in electronic components distribution, we noticed a lack of cost-effective and industry-dedicated website solutions. Our team created DistiSuite in 2008 to meet the increasing needs of B2B distributors.

Implementing a distribution sales and marketing website can be a significant investment for small-to-midsized companies. To limit risk and ease the transition to online business, we developed a pay-as-you-go model for DistiSuite. There is a modest upfront cost to implement our solution, and then a monthly cost once the website has launched. This means less upfront investment, and an opportunity to ease into ecommerce without the risks of a major project. Because our solution is hosted by us, this also means no expensive servers to purchase and maintain.

DistiSuite was designed to focus on certain key objectives to meet the biggest needs of distributors:
  • Achieving a prominent position in search engine results
  • Ease of administrative management
  • Minimal micromanagement; suitable for large volume inventory
  • Designed with the expectations of business distribution customers in mind -- effective part search, data sheets, price breaks, etc
  • Flexible for additional custom development, to create new functionality on-demand
Distributors attempting to develop an effective sales website internally typically deal with high personnel costs, extended project timelines, and a lackluster outcome. Generic ecommerce suites lack the dedicated industry knowledge and personal support to generate effective results. Our pay-as-you-go solution reduces the risk of investing in a website, and provides a solution that evolves with the market and your business. With DistiSuite, you can find a great website solution and also a team to support your needs on-demand. Contact us for a free consultation.

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It's been about six months since Distisuite 're-tooled' our website, and I must say, the results have exceeded our expectations.
- Ed Morris
The DistiSuite team has been extremely responsive and their solution has allowed us to begin selling on the web in a very short time.
- Jeff Meyer