DistiSuite is a solution for distributors that is provided as a new website, or as an extension to an existing website. Learn more about our key features below.
Integrate With Your Business
Your website should provide up-to-date inventory information, but this can be challenging to keep updated when dealing with large volumes of inventory. DistiSuite makes online inventory information easy to manage.

Most DistiSuite clients automate the updating of their website information. If you can export your inventory data to a CSV or tab-delimited file, integrating with your DistiSuite website is a breeze.
Easily update your website inventory data
Build Business Presence Online
Establishing an online presence for your distribution business is increasingly important. Prospective customers are looking for the products you carry on the web, and driving those customers to your website will generate more sales and relationship opportunities to your business.

Many buyers are using major search engines like Google or Yahoo! to search for products online. Because we focus on optimizing our DistiSuite websites, our clients products rank prominently in these search engines. A flow of targeted, organic (non-paid) web visitors results in online orders, as well as more RFQs and phone/email inquiries.

DistiSuite also works with vertical search engine providers in the industry, such as EEM, SourceESB, and SupplyFrame, to link their results to your product pages and RFQ form.
We optimize your ranking in search results
Price Breaks by Quantity
Buyers in wholesale distribution are often interested in quantity breaks, and DistiSuite makes it easy to specify price/quantity breaks for the products you carry on your wbesite. Our system is flexible to handle different price break structures for different products, so the number of price breaks and quantities used can be configured as you choose.

Further, many distributors are only prepared with pricing for a portion of their inventory, epecially when first launching their sales website. Ordering can be easily turned off on a product-by-product basis, so the customer can still place an RFQ.
Display an array of price break information
Manage Datasheets, Product Images, and Suppliers
Assigning product catalogs/datasheets and images is simple with DistiSuite. Our tools make it easy to upload and edit product attributes en masse. If you have detailed information in your existing system, such as product descriptions and categories, simply include them in your data export to automatically load the information onto your DistiSuite website.

We also have tools to create landing pages and manage information about your suppliers.
Upload information for your customers
Payment Processing Options
DistiSuite's modular capabilities make accepting a payment online as effortless as the sale itself. You can choose to accept any type of payment you wish, from wire transfer to credit card. Additionally, the credit card processing options available are limitless; you can simply print off card numbers for manual entry, use PayPal, or have our team integrate the gateway you currently use into your customized DistiSuite setup.
DistiSuite supports various order processing methods
Automatically Track Conversion & Revenue Goals
We offer tools to help assess the ROI of your website. Interested in how much online sales revenue you achieved per visitor last month? The information is only a few clicks away, and provides an incredible amount of detail and insight.

Monitor online ordering revenue, new visitor trends, or assess the $/visitor from your web advertising or referral program by using our analytics tools. DistiSuite is integrated with Google Analytics, one of the best & most comprehensive statistic trackers available today. Analyzing your website's performance with this tool will help you write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create a customer experience that is constantly converting sales better than it did the day before.
Review traffic stats, charts, and trends with ease
Sensitive Information is Always Secure
Now more than ever, security is at the forefront of many minds. Your customers expect it, and DistiSuite delivers. With 256-bit SSL encryption standard in every package, all sensitive information is secure, and your website prominently displays the "yellow lock" in every modern browser's address bar. This translates to peace of mind when submitting billing information, tracking numbers, and more.

We also offer administrative controls that make it easy for you to manage how your employees interact with your ecommerce website. Features include the ability to create new admin accounts, create admin groups, control admin privileges, and track admin activity logs.
Our secure system protects your online orders

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It's been about six months since Distisuite 're-tooled' our website, and I must say, the results have exceeded our expectations.
- Ed Morris
The DistiSuite team has been extremely responsive and their solution has allowed us to begin selling on the web in a very short time.
- Jeff Meyer