Testco Inc.  

Choosing DistiSuite as our ecommerce partner has been a great experience. The DistiSuite team has been extremely responsive and their solution has allowed us to begin selling on the web in a very short time. Their tools are easy to use and give us great flexibility to expand our website over time. With DistiSuite's search engine optimization, new customers are finding us online and we are seeing the results, as our online sales from new customers have increased each week.

– Jeff Meyer, Testco Inc.
Arcadian Inc.  

We have had the pleasure of working with the team at DistiSuite eCommerce for the past seven years, and it has done wonders for our online business. As one of the earliest clients for DistiSuite, I can say from experience that these guys know the distribution business, understand what our customers want in terms of our website and e commerce capabilities, and most importantly they know how to bring us together with new customers via the web.

Our approach had been to reach out to new prospects via inside and outside sales techniques, and we did not put much effort into our website. Today, we realize that not only can the website be "selling" for us when we are not in the office, but can be a great source of new, LARGE business opportunities. We are sure to make direct contact with each and every person that logs into our site. We then use our sales team to explore each new opportunity, and maximize our sales with that account. We have countless examples of companies that used our website to place small order, for repair or prototyping, and through our follow up efforts, we turned them into some of our largest and most profitable accounts.

Again, I must thank the team at DistiSuite eCommerce for showing us the way to web success, implementing an easy to use solution, and staying on top of us to make sure we always have the latest and greatest website features that will continue to give our web efforts an excellent return on investment!

– Mike Crudele, Arcadian Inc.
PSC Electronics  

It's been about six months since Distisuite "re-tooled" our website, and I must say, the results have exceeded our expectations. We have had many positive comments from both our customers and suppliers, as well. We use the "Google Analytics" website to track activity and sales, and the results speak for themselves. We have gone from about 30 - 40 hits/day, to an average of close to 100/day. Sales from our website used to average about 4 per month, and during the past 4 months we're up over 800%.,

We especially like the ease of customizing the site ourselves, it's very user-friendly, and it's nice to be able to change certain items within the site without having to call to have Distisuite do it. That said, when we do contact you for a change or addition to the site, you guys have been very responsive to our needs.

We just wanted to let you know that we are quite satisfied with your product, and looking forward to the continued custom feature upgrades that you offer. If you ever need a reference for a potential new customer, please do not hesitate to give them our name.

– Ed Morris, PSC Electronics

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